Our Team:

Let Mommy Sleep is the nation’s elite team of Baby Nurses (RN’s & LPN’s), Newborn Care Providers and Multiple’s Specialists. This team helps new parents of single babies, twins and triplets, providing nurturing care to newborns and evidence based education to their parents. By allowing parents sleep at night, we allow families to thrive during their day.

Esther J., RN, BSN, IBCLC,

SInce 2006 Esther has cared for mothers and their babies, attending births, providing lactation support and directing all phases of postpartum care.  In addition to providing care for our families just home from the hospital, Esther also teaches our Newborn Care courses and is an Internationally Board Certifed Lactation Consultant. 

Megan L., LPN,

As a Licensed Practical Nurse, Megan has been providing care to preemies, twins and medically fragile infants in the home health setting since 2013.  Megan holds her Bachelor's of Science in Nursing (BSN) and has completed clinical hospital rotations in both mother/baby and labor and delivery.


Jeanne R., RN,

WIth over 20 years of Registered Nursing experience at such prestigious departments as the Georgetown Hospital NICU and Massachusetts General Labor & Delivery and NICU, Jeanne is an incredible resource for our families welcoming twins, triplets and premature newborns. Jeanne is an educator and an expert in all phases of mothercare and newborn care.

Jordan S., RN Student,

Jordan assists our single babies and twins alike, staying on with families for several months at a time until the babies are succesfully sleeping through the night. Jordan is CPR/First Aide Certified and has also attended continuing education courses in Newborn Care. 

Jennifer G., NCP,

With over 10 years in private childcare experience as well as in-home companion care setting, Jennifer has cared for single babies, twins and develpmentally challenged babies and children. Jennifer also holds a certificate in Newborn & Postpartum Care from Fairfax County 

Yassoukeye R, PCT ,

Yassoukeye has over five years of postpartum unit hospital experience and is currently pursuing her RN degree.  She holds her breastfeeding counseling certificates and is able to assist new mothers on breast and bottle feeding, and provide care and early education to newborns and their parents. 

Liz H., MT ,

Liz  has been with LMS since 2013 and has many years of newborn care experience, even owning her own in-home daycare for several years. As a mother of 3, an active member of La Leche League and in the clinical phase of earning her RN degree, Liz is a true baby nurse. 

Christine, N. NCP,

Christine has been caring for infants and children in the DC metro area in a private duty setting for over 10 years. She is able to assist our families wishing for long term assistance as her expertise is in allowing babies to be on developmentally appropriate sleep and feeding schedules.

Malia M., RN,

Malia comes to us most recently from the Labor & Delivery unit at Reston Hospital where she assisted brand new parents through all aspects of labor, birth and early education. Malia performs head to toe assessments of baby and mother, instructs on early breast and bottle feeding, baby’s first bath and all the other early-care questions parents may have.  SHe is also a mother of 4.

Jessica H., RN, IBCLC,

Jessica has 16 year of experience and can perform head to toe assessments on mother and baby, assist with breastfeeding, provide early education and help with infant care and mother’s recuperation. She is also a mother of 2 and teaches our Newborn Care outreach courses to expectant parents. 

Alison G. LPN,

We are so proud to have Alison join us from Capital Women's Care, where she cared for pre and posttpartum moms. Alison's expertise is in helping moms and babies establish early and ongoing breastfeeding relationships, mother care and early newborn care. Alison is also a mother of 2.

Edith D., NCP,

Edith provides nurturing live-in and long term care for 3-12 months for our families with twins and single babies wishing for extended care.  Having owned her own child care center and providing private-duty care for DC area families, Edith brings over 10 years of professional experience to our families.  

Helen W., NCP,

Helen is an RN student and also comes to LMS with 5 years of in home nanny experience working with twins, preemies and special needs children. As a mother of 2 and 3 lb preemie twins herself, Helen's experience is not only clinical and prefessional, but personal as well.


Having cared for well over 100 babies in a professional capacity, and an LMS caregiver since 2012, BJ is able to assist our parents and their single and twin babies in all aspects of early care. BJ typically stays with our families for 4 and 5 months, untile babies are happily sleeping through the night. 

Stacey W., RN Student ,

Stacey is currently an RN student at Montgomery College with the ultimate goal of working in Postpartum and Newborn Care upon graduation in December 2016. Stacey has also cared for newborns – age 4 at a local family owned daycare and is a mother of 6.

Vicky A., LPN,

Vicky has assisted families in private pediatrics since 2011 and has also cared for multiple infants in private daycare for 3 years.  As a Licensed Practical Nurse, Vicky is able to assist our parents and babies just home from the hospital, and she is also certified to perform newborn and child hearing screens.

Jennifer G., NCP,

In addition to holding her SIDS Certification, Jen comes to us with her degree in Early Childhood Education and has been trained by the US Army in medication administration. SHe has provided care to medically fragile singletons and twins as well as babies with special needs. 

Sharon B., CNA,

Assisting our long-term families, Sharon is an expert at allowing our babies to get on a developmentally appropriate schedule as well as all care during months 0-6.

Belinda D, RN, EMT,

Belinda is an RN with experience assisting families through birth and postpartum care. Belinda also provides private duty care to special needs pediatric patients and is also an Emergency Medical Technician. In addition to her professional experience, Belinda is oldest of 10 and a mother of 2.

Sarah N., RN,

Sarah has provided NICU and in-home pediatric care to medically fragile infants as a Registered Nurse since 2004. She is able to assist our technology dependent babies as well as assist parents with the particulars of feeding preemies and babies transitioning home from NICU.

Seble A. MT, NCP ,

WIth over 9 years of corporate and in-home child care experience, Seble is able to assist our families with single babies and multiples alike. As a Registered Medical Assistant, Seble’s externship was completed at Medstar Washington Hospital and her internship at St. Mary's Center for Women, Infant & Child Clinic.

Rachel W. RN, BSN,

As a Registered Nurse with a focus on Pediatrics, a BS in Psychology and over 10 years of private duty and in-home newborn care, Rachel brings a well rounded clinical and compassionate caregiving persepctive to our families. She is adept at providing tips for our parents of multiples and care instruction for our newer and older babies alike.

Haja B., MT, HHA,

With over 9 years of in-home pediatric, special needs and infant care experience, Haja is especially able to assist our families transitioning home from NICU.

Andrea M., RN, BSN,

Andrea has over 20 years of RN experience, most recently from Capital Area Pediatrics as a skilled triage and pediatric nurse. SHe is able to educate and support new parents on every aspect of newborn and postpartum care. Andrea also mentors new parents of multiples through the NoVA Parents of Multiples organization and is a mother of 4, with the last 2 being twins.

Amanda G., CNA, MT,

Amanda comes to Let Mommy Sleep with over 5 years of private and in-home care experience, most notably with triplets from newborn to toddlerhood. Amanda is also a Registered Nursing student focused on NICU and Pediatrics and is currently completing her pediatric clinical rotations.

Alonda L, LPN,

An LPN for over 15 years, Alonda has cared for parents and their babies at Capital Women's Care and Holy Cross Hospital as well as many newborn nurseries. Alonda is a US Army Veteran and Army Practical Nurse. 

Joy Brunnelson, Accounts Manager

Joy serves as Bookkeeping and Accounts Manager, coordinating all family and vendor payments on a daily basis, and also serves as Treasurer for Let Mommy Sleep’s 501c3 non-profit, Mission: Sleep.   In addition to her daily work with LMS, Joy is the bookkeeper for her own family’s small business in Maryland and is also a founding member and Secretary for Waterlilyz for Jesus, a 501c3 non-profit since February 2010.